B&L Custom Finishing

B&L Custom Finishing is a locally owned custom wood finishing company that was established in 2012, originally it was started out with 2 full time and 1 casual employee. Since then we have moved into a large commercial building in the City of Nowthen.

We would like the opportunity to brighten your home interior, office or any project you are looking to have a high end finish on. We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you in the near future.

Consider B&L Custom Finishing for all you wood finishing needs:

  • **We strive for excellent customer service.
  • **We have a professional staff. ** We stand behind our work.
  • **We have a large facility in Nowthen, MN with 4 spray booths. This allows us to provide a fast turn around time for you and your clients.

We specialize in a wide variety of stains, paints and specialty finishes such as: glazing, distressing, refinishing and more.

Custom matching is also available. We also offer On-site work.

B&L requires 4 days for custom color match samples. Job turn around time is a 5 days for stain and 7 days for paint, pending sample approval and delivery of project. Additional services may require more time.

Wood Finishing For Almost Anything

You want your mill work and furniture to look distinctive and unique. You also want it to be easy to care for and durable. The three basic reasons to finish wood are:


As wood dries it shrinks; and as it absorbs moisture it expands. Depending upon its size and thickness, wooden pieces absorb and release moisture inconsistently. This action can cause stress on the wood and the surrounding joints, causing splitting and warping damage. The better the finish the less moisture change there will be.


Wood surfaces have many tiny openings that can accumulate dirt, grime, and bacteria. Surface contact with hands, food and air pollution can all contribute to the problem. Finishing the wood seals the surface making it safe and easier to clean.


Finishing wood can make use of many different coatings; paint, stain, glaze faux and many others. B&L Custom Finishing offers thousands of colors and finishes, both standard and custom, to meet all of your finishing needs.